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10 Signs That Your Phone Is Spied On

Smartphones are very important gadgets in our life, making it the perfect target for anyone who wants to steal your identity or scam you, so you need to watch for the signs of the hacked phone.
Hacking affects all the computer systems we are using, this is not something new. But we don’t always know how it all works technically speaking. There are several signs that make us think that our phone is hacked, but how can we be sure?

Here 10 signs that your Phone is spied on:

1. Your cell phone is growing increasingly slower

Internet pages that lead to opening, games that get stuck in the middle of a game, navigation that is slow like an asthmatic snail.
This is due to malware running in the background and consuming the resource of your smartphone, which causes abnormal slowness. If you notice that your phone is not working as fast as before, it is probably hacked. But this is not always the case, sometimes new system updates or lack of memory can also slow down smartphone performance.

2. Deteriorating battery life

Some spyware applications can increase your battery usage, so watch out for sudden changes in battery life. Keep in mind that over time, your cell phone’s battery life will naturally decrease, so you’re looking for dramatic changes. Some cheaper spyware will quickly drain your battery. However, more modern programs are designed to reduce the battery charge and they are more difficult to detect.

3. Phone overheats during normal use

If you notice that your smartphone overheats when you are not using it, this indicates that there are suspicious applications running. This is one of the least obvious signs, the battery temperature of a mobile phone can be linked to a lot of different technical problems. However, if you have never experienced such a temperature increase before, when you are not using your phone, and it is still relatively warm anyway, it could be due to spyware that sends data to another device.

4. Abnormally increased data usage

Have you noticed an increase in your normal use of data? Some of the less reliable spy apps use additional data to send the information collected from your phone, so watch for any unexplained increase in your monthly data usage. Several applications can be used to monitor your data usage (My data manager for Android from Google Play, and Data usage for iPhone available on the Apple Store).
Again, with the best spyware, data usage has been reduced and will be nearly impossible to spot, but poor programs will show significant data usage.

5. Your phone frequently freezes

You can’t turn off your smartphone, or instead of turning off, it opens apps or turn on the backlight and so on.

Your mobile plan bill is higher than normal

One of the hacker goals is to consume the mobile plan of their victims. They can use the infected phone to make expensive phone calls or send SMS messages to international numbers.

7. Odd phone behavior

Look for any changes in the behavior of your cell phone. It suddenly turns on when not in use, beeps at random, stops, or manifest other random behavior. All phones can do strange things from time to time, but if it happens regularly, it could be a sign that your phone is being accessed by hidden software.

8. Background noise

If it happens more than usual, it could be indicating another sign. Look for noise, clicks, beeps, or background voices. Some listening and call recording features can cause this background noise when they access your phone like a conference call.
The presence of strange noises during a telephone conversation can mean that the telephone is being monitored.

9. The phone sends calls or texts by itself

If the phone sometimes makes calls automatically or sends text messages to unknown numbers, this may be due to spyware.

10. Unexpected reboot/turns off

Does your cell phone regularly reboot without an obvious reason, or without you making it do so, even when the battery is charged? In that case, it’s not unlikely that someone has unauthorized, remote access to your cell phone.
And, if someone has remote access to reboot your device, it would surprise me if that were the only thing they could do or see.

What do you think?

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