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His dream was to become a dragon. She did not hesitate to spend thousands of euros to achieve it.

If it is rather common on social networks to meet lookalikes of stars, it is much less to come across lookalikes of fictional characters. However, everyone is only talking about Eva, an American who has spent thousands of euros to look like a dragon. We can say that to fully live her dream, the Texan knew how to make sacrifices. Several years ago, Eva resigned as vice president of one of the largest banks in the United States. A radical decision she made when she was told that she was HIV positive.

Born into a human body, Eva decided to take on the full appearance of a dragon. Richard Hernandez, 55-year-old, of Maricopa County, Arizona, has had many lives. Explaining that he was born in a bad body, the man undergoes the removal of his genitals and then begins his transformation process in order to become a woman. Richard then becomes Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa.
Then, tired of being always considered human, he (she) made the decision to turn into a dragon. The operations, in addition to being painful, are very numerous.

He was first tattooed all over his body to give the impression of belonging to the reptilian genre. Then, two operations took place: the first, to have their nose cut so that it looks like that of a dragon and then to have their ears trimmed.

Recently, Richard Hernandez also asked that he (she) will place implants under the skin in order to complete his transformation and to resemble as much as possible to his favorite mythological character.
This transformation, which can be described as the most spectacular and aggressive, is not trivial. Indeed, since she was 5 years old, Eva Tiamat Medusa considers herself a real dragon. She explained it to VT Channel that she had two mothers: “One is my biological mother, the other is my reptilian mother, a rattlesnake”. Animals that she considers as a second family.

“Changing my body gives me a new life. It’s a second chance. I am happy. ” Says the man. He also admits that he is looking for a technique allowing him to spit small flames as he pleases.
Eva explains that many people are often terrified to see her, but that she nevertheless manages to have a few friends and that she cares madly for criticism.

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