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The heartbreaking and inspiring story of the world’s hairiest girl

At the age of 11, the young Thai girl Supatra Sasuphan has entered the Guinness Book 2011 (the record book), with the title of the hairiest girl in the world. The young Supatra has hair all over her body and especially on her face, this is due to this very rare disease called hypertrichosis which manifests by a hormonal imbalance, causing hair to grow more than normal.

The young woman, therefore, has a beard but she also has hair where even a man does not. She has hair on the cheekbones and forehead and has very long eyelashes. If for centuries hairy people were seen as monsters, nowadays people with hypertrichosis dare to talk about it. And Supatra has adopted the best attitude, not to hide and assume its difference.

Of course, when she was younger she heard all kinds of nicknames, like Chewbacca or Werewolf. “Some people had fun bothering me and calling me a monkey, but it’s over, they don’t do it anymore.” For her, her hair is completely normal and she doesn’t even think about it anymore.

However, Supatra undergoes treatment and sometimes shaves her facial hair, especially when it becomes too long and prevents her from seeing properly. Her new hairless face, moreover, allowed her to find love. “You’re not just my first love, you’re the love of my life,” she wrote to her lover on social media.

The one who has the face covered with hair has nevertheless managed to find love. She is even about to get married. More fulfilled than ever, she introduces us to the happy chosen one.

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