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Top 10 scariest movies which won’t let you sleep

«The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.»
When you watch a horror movie do you spend all your time covering your eyes and screaming screeching? Good news, you’ve come to the right place.
A creaking door, a draft, the feeling that someone is in the same room as you! A house owned by the tortured souls of children! Ingredients of a good horror movie. Here is a top 10 of the most appalling movies that should rock your nights for a few weeks, to watch only if your stomach is well hung! Do not hesitate to enter this horrific terrain.

There is something for everyone, treat yourself, no need to thank us:

10. The ring

When her niece dies struck down by fear a week after watching a mysterious videotape, Rachel Keller, a journalist from Seattle, decides to investigate this famous recording. Helped by her ex-husband Noah, she discovers that this cassette carries a strange curse: whoever watches it is condemned to perish in terrible circumstances.
Rachel still takes the risk of watching the recording. The phone rings then, the death tally begins: the young woman has only seven days to save her life and that of her son. Seven days to try to thwart the spell circle …
This version of Gore Verbinski is the remake of a Japanese film released in 1998. which is also inspired by this Japanese urban legend and the novel Ringu written by Koji Suzuki, the author is considered to be the Japanese Stephen King.

9. Lights out

Darkness sometimes causes concern, is light the complement?
Many of us accentuate our anxieties at night. The noises become suspect, the slightest crack sometimes makes us think of the worst and, from there, the imagination wanders by inventing lots of solutions more frightening than others in the worst cases. Does the light systematically manage to erase the disturbing or nightmarish impressions that we have just undergone? Not so sure, between darkness and light, fear and even horror can pursue us by delivering you a terrible scenario that can reach.
Weird, how can a coat rack attract such attention and cause such fright when the light goes out? This is what a young woman going to bed must ask herself. I invite you to watch this film in order to create a little excess of adrenaline, you will not be disappointed because I promise you a very surprising ending. David F. Sandberg’s experiment is therefore quite successful.

8. The witch

The courteous welcome of Robbert Eggers’ first feature did not hide the polite yawn of the man of taste. A vague impression for the thrill seeker to have seen something different. “The Witch” offers much more than an experience beyond the darkness to which thrill-seekers are attached. The religious court which opens the film does not deceive. Indeed, words do not have the importance, silent supplications and the camera already lingers on children, which makes it the main center of attention. Without knowing it, we are already trapped in looks, step by step we are plunged into a torment from which no one will come out unscathed.
1630, in New England. William and Katherine, a devout couple, settled at the edge of civilization, leading a pious life with their five children and cultivating their plot of land in the middle of a desert. The mysterious disappearance of their newborn baby and the sudden loss of their crops will quickly lead them to oppose each other…

7. Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters, or how to scare with a minimum budget. Shot with only 15,000 dollars. The film is recorded in found footage, and we can say that it clearly has originality! The film is screened in a real abandoned psychiatric hospital “Riverview”, which gives a feeling of authenticity. Night vision is very often used here to show the various cameras placed around the hospital, and many paranormal phenomena occur there. The achievement is superb, the actors are not very famous, but play their roles perfectly, and really allows is to put ourselves in their place, the jump scares are scary, and the soundtrack is great.
Lance Preston and the team of the ghost hunting reality show Grave Encounters shoot an episode at the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital where unexplained events happen every year. Anxious to spice up their program, the team voluntarily lets itself be locked up for the night and begins, camera in hand, its paranormal investigation. Everyone will quickly realize that the building is not only haunted, but that it has its own life, and it has no intention of letting them out.

6. Jessabelle

A film by the director of the last two Saws and written by Robert Ben Garant who is accustomed to lighter comedies. This somewhat unexpected meeting nevertheless gives a rather nice film. A good horror movie in the tradition of Amityville or Conjuring, the decor planted from the start immerses you in anxiety, the intrigue appears throughout the film and the investigation is fascinating for an unexpected end. You will freak out!
Victim of a terrible accident, Jessabelle returns to her childhood home, a house isolated from the bayous of Louisiana. Her father has lived there alone since his mother died shortly after his birth. The young woman wasted no time in discovering a mysterious video recording that her mother had left to her as an inheritance. Its discovery and the secret it contains will provoke the anger of a tormented mind that nothing seems to be able to stop.

5. Annabelle

This film “Annabelle” is presented as a prequel to the film “Conjuring: the Warren files” but it is more a spin-off than a prequel in reality. The first film on the infernal doll with its terrifying face seen in the excellent film of James Wan, what could be more normal than to make a spin-off centred on this doll after the immense success of “Conjuring”. The first episode creates a horrific shared universe that I love devilishly. A good little unpretentious horror film marking the departure of an important universe around Conjuring.
John Form is certain to have found the gift of his dreams for his wife Mia, who is expecting a child. It is an old doll, very rare, dressed in an immaculate white wedding dress. But Mia, delighted with her gift, will quickly be disappointed. One night, members of a satanic sect broke into their home and brutally assaulted the couple in panic. They don’t just shed blood and spread terror, they give life to a monstrous creature, worse than their sinister misdeeds, allowing the damned to return to earth…

4. The Grudge

Scary is the best word that describes this remake. “The Grudge” is terrifying at many points: the sinister atmosphere which emerges on each scene, the enigmatic passages and especially the famous woman with her horrible sound of death. The film does not suffer from any dead scene, we are immediately into it. The intrigue is good, and the acting plays to breathe a lot of energy. Among the scenes that are cold in the back, we will remember the discovery of the bodies in the attic, the scene of the bed and especially the last ten minutes… magnificent! “The Grudge” is the typical movie to spend a good evening in horror.
In what seems to be a peaceful house in Tokyo, hides one of the most appalling plagues. Anyone who crosses the threshold of the house is immediately struck by a curse that will soon kill them in a feeling of unspeakable rage. As the number of victims increases, a young American, Karen, is brutally confronted with the horror of this reality. For her, it is no longer time to ignore or flee, you have to understand to have a chance to survive…

3. Insidious

Very few modern horror series have made their mark as much as director James Wan’s Insidious series. Defined by a rich myth, memorable characters and great fears, Insidious films have always had strong fan support. The Insidious series have a rather complex chronology. It also doesn’t help that the third and fourth films take place before the two originals while presenting some of the same characters throughout all the films.
Josh, his wife, and three children have been living in their new home for a short time when the oldest child fell into an unexplained coma. strangely, a succession of paranormal phenomena begins just after. A medium then reveals to them that the soul of their son is between life and death, in the astral dimension, and that the manifestations are the work of evil forces wanting to take possession of his body. To save him, Josh will also have to leave his body and venture into the afterlife…

2. Conjuring

Conjuring is one of the most famous horror films released in 2013. It is based on a true story that happened to Ed and Lorraine Warren, two American ghost hunters. This is one of their best-known cases, although you may have heard of the Amityville affair between 1974 and 1976. The film, with a budget of 20 million dollars, collects at the time 319 million dollars, only in the United States. No wonder the film spawning sequels and derivative films, like Annabelle (2014).
Conjuring: The Warren Files, tells the horrible, but true story, of Ed and Lorraine Warren, world-renowned paranormal investigators, who came to the aid of a family terrorized by a disturbing presence in their isolated farm… Forced to confront a demonic creature of formidable strength, the Warren find themselves facing the most terrifying affair of their career…

1. The Exorcist

Released in 1973, “The Exorcist” had a big impact when it hit theaters and quickly became a classic. Considered the “scariest movie ever made”, the film was adapted from the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty. Audiences struggled to make it through the first screening and the film lived forever in the pantheon of horror.
In Iraq, Father Merrin discovers a figurine of the demon Pazuzu during archaeological excavations. At the same time in Washington, actress Chris MacNeil is awakened by strange noises in her house while her daughter Regan’s bed begins to move. A few days later, Regan threatens to kill director Burke Dennings at a reception organized by her mother. Her attacks are becoming more and more frequent. Desperate, Chris appeals to two exorcists…

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Written by Safae El.

Blogger and web content creator. I love researching and writing articles as well as writing shorter snappier pieces.


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