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10 Things Nobody Tells Pregnant Women Before Giving Birth

Childbirth, this wonderful moment when you meet your child for the first time. As much dreamed as feared, of which we keep an unforgettable trace but on which we, however, ignore so much! It is an extremely symbolic moment, which crystallizes our expectations as much as our anxieties. As soon as you learn about your pregnancy, you integrate the idea of ​​this compulsory passage, with a curiosity that becomes tinged with excitement as the deadline approaches.

You necessarily understand the general idea, once you have a baby in your womb, you will have to take it out. And by dint of hearing about it in life, you think you know how it goes. A fairly linear scheme, inscribed in the unconscious and based on simple childbirths. Medical progress allows us to see this intense moment with confidence, in most cases, even if the fear of the unknown is inevitable.

But in reality, it is not necessarily as simple as we imagine it, nor as beautiful as images that we have in mind. The truth is not always told about this key moment in your new life as a mother. Because there are in fact a multitude of details of which we are, for most of us, little aware. Not necessarily serious things, but a lot of things that we had never heard of, the extent of which we had not measured, or that we simply would have never imagined!

Legend has it that young mothers remain silent about the experience of childbirth. INCREDIBLE-BUZZ will tell you what you have never been told to find out what is behind the scenes.

Here are 10 truths to know before childbirth:

1/10 – What does water breaking look like?

Water broke does not mean having three drops in your pants. Really, once your water has broken, it can take several hours before the contractions start and there is not much you can do, as it also means that the baby is exposed to infections.
But that also doesn’t mean that it will spurt out in a huge puddle at your feet, unlike what you may have seen in the movies when women have their water broke before giving birth. The truth is that you are more likely to find out a little bit more gently, like when a child pees over it without being able to control itself.
In reality, the amniotic fluid, which forms a protective bag around your baby, can continue to water flow throughout the day. This requires a fairly thick absorbent towel.
However, your water bag can break without the job starting immediately. It can happen hours later. There should also be contractions and the cervix should start to stretch to allow the baby to pass.
You cannot run, shower or have sex. Without his pocket of amniotic fluid that protects him, the baby becomes more exposed to infections of the vagina. If work does not start on its own within 24 hours. Doctors will intervene. Be careful to tell the difference between the crack in the water bag and the complete break. And if you’re lucky, it may even be the doctor who pierces the water bag.

2/10 – It is inevitable to poop during childbirth

So we must address what is undoubtedly one of the biggest taboos of childbirth. No need to beat around the bush, you will defecate at the birth of your child. And no need to use laxative before delivery, it would be useless. But the good news in all of this is that you won’t even notice it, except maybe the smell.
Yes, we don’t see much in the movies, but imagine that the force required to push that human mass out of you most often involves an inopportune poo. Do not blush with shame, it happens very often. The midwives are kind enough not to pick it up and shout in the delivery room “heeeey! the lady pooped, come and see”. Rest assured that it’s pretty systematic, so treat yourself, there is no shame, we all poop!

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