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10 Things Nobody Tells Pregnant Women Before Giving Birth

5/10 You can forget your shyness

Already, during pregnancy, the thousand medical appointments must have already undermined your modesty, you got used to the idea of ​​having vaginal exams almost every month. Obviously, after giving birth, you will have lost all notions of modesty and dignity. Because you’re going to find your legs in the air half-naked in a hospital gown and completely disheveled in front of complete strangers. A delivery room, especially in a university hospital, is a subway station, as much to say that you will be uninhibited for life!
There are also midwives who follow each other every hour to slip their fingers in your vagina, to see if everything is going well for the opening of the cervix. As long as it lasts long enough, you will have the joy to know more than one team. Not very pleasant and perceived as intrusive, of course, but it is their job to make sure everything goes well for you. Either way, as long as your baby is away, that’s all you ask for. And tell yourself that after childbirth, it will no longer be your vagina, but your baby, the star of the service!

6/10 – You have to expel the placenta

It would be too good to stop there. After the main event of childbirth, giving birth to your baby, you must also remove what was his house, you must expel the placenta!
The expulsion of the placenta, a kind of second delivery not necessarily more pleasant than the first. It is a very unpleasant moment, which can be very painful. However, this is an extremely important time, in order to make sure that you are leaving in good shape for the future, so do not try to accelerate or get up too quickly.
Even if everything went well, your body was subjected to an extremely intense test, possibly even traumatic. Take your time before you want to frolic.

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