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10 Things Nobody Tells Pregnant Women Before Giving Birth

7/10 – Episiotomy remains too common

An episiotomy is an incision in the perineum, a set of muscles supporting the genitals, from the vulva to the anus, made during delivery to allow the baby to pass. For a long time, it was thought that this intervention made it possible to prevent the perineum from tearing. Today, studies confirm that this is not true. It can even cause a larger tear in the extension of the incision. In addition, tears in the perineum without episiotomy are very often less significant and superficial and less painful.
Obstetricians and midwives are advised to avoid it as much as possible. The only case where episiotomy is systematically indicated is when the space between the anus and the opening of the vagina is short. During prenatal consultations, the gynecologist or midwife who follows you can check with the naked eye if this is the case.
So if you can avoid an episiotomy, so much the better. But keep in mind that if you are offered one, it is not only for comfort, but certainly because it is urgent and necessary. So don’t panic around and accept it, it will probably help you a lot.

8/10 – Contractions continue after your childbirth

And yes, the contractions are also done after childbirth, it’s called afterbirth pains and it’s completely normal. Obviously, this allows you to close the small vessels that fed the placenta and expel all the little things that have nothing to do in your uterus, and it allows your uterus to return to its original shape.
Ah yes and obviously it’s extremely painful, otherwise it’s not funny. You will feel them for the first 24 hours, and this can last for 4 days. You will feel like you have menstrual pain x10.
Honestly, we didn’t want to freak you out at all. Anyway, children are wonderful, we love it, especially at others.

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