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10 Things Nobody Tells Pregnant Women Before Giving Birth

9/10 – Lochia, these interminable postpartum bleeding

In fact, you haven’t had your period for nine months, you could have benefited from it but suddenly we are going to catch up now, you have six weeks non stop! This particular bleedings, called lochia, occurs after childbirth and continues. they are so abundant that they impress mothers and the weeks that these lochias last often seem interminable, even if they decrease gradually.
Lochia is the body’s natural removal of debris from the lining of the uterus, blood clots, and various secretions. they, therefore, do not contain only blood and thus differ from the usual menstrual losses and the return of diapers which will occur during the resumption of cycles.
What should be done? Nothing, except change your sanitary napkins and wait until there is no more bleeding to resume sex. But consult if they remain abundant or accompanied by bulky or smelly clots.

10/10 – Postpartum depression

Baby blues or “third-day syndrome” affect 50 to 70% of women. This state of sadness, even depression, can appear on the third day after childbirth and lasts for tens of days. During this time, you simultaneously feel joy, pride, and love for your baby, but also anxiety and fear. You cry for no apparent reason and feel lonely and depressed.
It is a transient reaction that is explained by physiological changes, a significant hormonal drop, increased stress and lack of sleep. In most cases, the symptoms go away on their own without intervention.
The solution is to face the baby blues, not to isolate yourself and especially not to hesitate to ask for help from your loved ones or even a professional.
Dads are not spared this vacuum. By becoming fathers, they acquire new responsibilities and obligations which can sometimes afflict them. In addition, they often feel neglected, excluded from the mother-baby relationship.

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