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She spends 900,000 $ to look like Barbie, discover the result

Her name is Valeria Lukyanova but resembles very much a character well known to little girls “Barbie”. With her surreal physique, this Ukrainian fashion fan created the buzz and became the most famous woman on the Russian-speaking internet.

Credit: Facebook

We call her the human Barbie. Like all women, Valeria Lukyanova has an ideal definition for beauty. For her, it was the Mattel company that forged the image of the perfect female figure, but to achieve this goal, Valeria has gone so far. It must be said that with her wasp waist, XXL chest, extra long legs, long blonde hair, ivory skin, wide blue eyes, thin nose, heart-shaped mouth and angel face unrecognizable under several layers of makeup, she has everything from the perfect Barbie portrait.

Credit: Facebook

But let’s see if these measurements will remind you of the perfect female figure when you take a look at Valeria Lukyanova’s photos. This young woman did not hesitate to spend more than 800,000 euros on cosmetic surgeries, in order to be as close as possible to her favorite doll. The young woman immediately denied any surgery and added: “I am delighted that everyone thinks that I am not real, it proves that I have done a great job”.

Faithful to the look of the most famous blonde doll, Valeria regularly takes photos in various situations of everyday life, at the beach, in the restaurant, lying on a sofa … Mostly in shorts and tight-fitting outfits showing of her not very human curves.

Credit: Facebook

Aside from a certain gift for pausing and a proven taste for plastic surgery, Valeria, who states on her YouTube channel “to have always felt different from others since childhood”, she has nothing to offer to the amazed internet user but a few poor quality photos. Being a real phenom on Internet, the Barbie woman arouses admiration, astonishment and stupor at the same time and leaves the people speechless in front of her inert air.

Internet users share the same emotions and reactions, they range from fascination to outright disgust, some haters have gone so far as to create anti-Valeria Lukyanova forums, even if her Facebook page has several million fans. But one question remains, what does this woman look like naturally? Difficult to answer, as her photos posted on social networks are professionally altered using Photoshop in addition to makeup.

Credit: Facebook

However, rare photos have surfaced on the web over the years, revealing an almost natural Barbie girl, with very little make-up, while some videos in which Valeria offers tips to look like her, tend to prove the opposite.

Credit: Facebook

No matter the critics, Valeria Lukyanova wants to succeed in the fashion world, and it seems to work since she just posed for a fashion shoot from the prestigious V Magazine. The human Barbie is dressed by Dsquared2, Ralph Lauren, Diesel and Michael Kors among others.

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Written by Safae El.

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